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Home Remedies for LEG PAINS

Friday, July 13, 201226comments

Home Remedies for LEG PAINS


Pain in legs, coming on after walking a moderate distance often arises from narrowing of the blood vessels leading to these areas. If the vessel becomes completely blocked, gangrene may result and the toes become dark and cold. This is most frequently seen in cases of uncontrolled diabetes.
People with varicose veins suffer from swelling of the veins, followed by muscle cramps and a tired feeling in the legs behind the knees. In some cases the skin over the lower part of the leg may break down, forming a large, ugly ulcer, which is often painful.
Leg cramps can occur due to running, walking, riding a bike, standing up, even sleeping. While every lower-leg injury has its specific biomechanical causes, all are rooted in tight calf muscles and relative weakness in the front leg muscles. This is very, very common in runners, since running tends to exercise the calf muscles more than those in the front.
Anterior shin splints is defined as the pain in the front and outer edge of your legs. The main cause of shin splints is tight calf muscles and weak shin muscles, the injury may have been further aggravated by a variety of factors. Shin splints are very common among beginning runners.
Posterior shin splint may be defined as the pain on the inner side of your leg, right where the calf muscle meets the big shinbone. The cause of this may be straining of a muscle that gives some support to the arch of your foot.
Achilles Tendinitis may be defined as the pain in the lower calf along the Achilles tendon, the cord connecting the heel to the calf muscle. The main cause of this may be extra pulling of the tendon, which causes a lot of pain in legs.


  • Grab your upper lip between your thumb and index finger, and squeeze for about 30 seconds to get relief.
  • Grab the cramping muscle tightly, pushing your fingertips deep into the cramp for about 10 to 15 seconds, then release. You can repeat as often as necessary to relieve the cramp.
  • After the cramp is gone, stretch out the muscle but begin slowly and without bouncing on it. To begin, sit down on the floor and extend the leg. Then reach out and gently pull your toes toward your knee.
  • Drinking a cup of water (about eight ounces) every 20 minutes before, during and after exercise will help keep your system from dehydrating. Dehydration helps to prevent cramping.
  • Boil 1-teaspoon saffron in 1/2 cup water. Let it reduce to become 1 tablespoon. Divide this solution into three portions and take with equal quantities of water, thrice daily for a couple of days. This is very effective home remedy for leg pains and will help to reduce the pain.
  • A diet high in natural fibres from fruits and vegetables, pulses, whole grains, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E rich foods also help in fighting against the joint pains.
  • Drink 1 cup of warm water mixed with limejuice and honey to reduce pain.
  • Avoid mental tensions that lead to stress. Lose weight, if necessary, to get close to your ideal weight. If you weigh less, there is less weight on your joints and less pain
  • Take foods rich in calcium and protein. Exposure to sunlight for vitamin D is also good. Milk and milk products, ragi, drumstick leaves and drumstick are excellent sources of calcium and sprouted pulses and nuts are very good sources of protein for a vegetarian. Include these foods in the daily diet.
  • During the painful stages it is important for the patient to have one or two rest periods during the day.
  • Add one-tablespoon cod liver oil to the juice of one orange, whip and drink before sleeping.
  • One raw clove of garlic every day is very beneficial. This clove can be fried in ghee (clarified butter) or castor oil. Take for 2 months.
  • Drink 15 grams of fresh bathu juice daily with an empty stomach without adding any salt or sugar to it. This is very effective home remedy for leg pains.
  • Massage the affected area with any oil will to provide relief from the pain.
  • Drink a cup of papaya seed tea six or seven times daily for two or three weeks for relief from joint pain.
  • Heavy meals, meat and fish, sour fruits and fried foods should be avoided, as they are difficult to digest.
  • Consumption of rice during nighttime should be avoided. Among fruits bananas are considered best as they provide strength to the joints and grease them.
  • To get relief from a severe leg cramp in the calf muscle, flex your shin muscle (which opposes your calf muscle) by pulling your toes toward your knee.
  • To ease the leg pains and reduce inflammation, ice your shins immediately after running. Use either a store-bought cold pack or simply freeze a wet towel before going out on a run. Whatever you use, wrap the ice pack around your leg and keep it on for 10 or 15 minutes, keeping your foot elevated all the while.
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